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Lenoxx Meat Mincer MM23

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Lenoxx Meat Mincer MM23

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Lenoxx Meat Mincer

Model: MM23

  • Features: Minces meat in 3 different sizes, prepares sausage, prepares kibbeh, easy assembly, strong metal gears, convenience handle on top, ON / OFF / REVERSE controls

  • Accessories: Meat filling tray, fine mincer plate, medium mincer plate, coarse mincer plate, sausage tube attachment, kibbeh attachment, food pushing tube

  • Colour: Black

  • Measurements: 29.7cm x 15cm x 38cm

  • Weight: 2.4kgs 

Availability: In stock



Making homemade meatballs, beef mince, burger patties, sausages and kibbeh is easy with our simple-to-use, high quality Meat Mincer.


Consistently mince your raw, lean meat right at home with ease. The assembly and process is straightforward. First, choose one of the shaped discs­­– fine, medium or coarse, and secure it to the mincer. Then, cut the raw meat into 2 centimetre cubes and place them in the meat filling tray. Finally, turn the Meat Mincer on and let the powerful 800 watts and strong metal gears do all the work for you while you guide the meat cubes through with the food pushing tube.


Create succulent sausages and Middle Eastern inspired kibbeh by adding your own herbs and spices to the meat cubes before pushing them through the food pushing chamber and then out through the additional corresponding attachments. If the meat becomes lodged and stuck in the food pushing chamber, the beneficial reverse button will help clear away any mishaps. Whether you are preparing a homemade, tasty and flavourful meal for the family or having a Saturday afternoon backyard barbeque, it is all easily accomplished with the Meat Mincer.

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Lenoxx Meat Mincer MM23